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Nana Romeo explains why he cannot be friends with Nigel Gaisie again

Nana Romeo and Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Ghanaian radio presenter, Abdul Karim, widely known as Nana Romeo, has said he cannot be friends with Prophet Nigel Gaisie again.

In April 2023, he revealed Prophet Gaisie had an affair with his girlfriend after he introduced her to him.

After his revelation, the leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel filed a lawsuit against him.

While hosting Empress Gifty on Accra FM, the Gospel musician asked if Romeo would settle his differences with the prophet and become friends again.

Answering the question, the outspoken media personality said that cannot happen.

Though he can forgive Prophet Nigel Gaisie, Nana Romeo said not even glue or anything can make him become friends with the former again.

Nana Romeo explained that he cannot trust the people who offend him even if he forgives them.

Below is a video of his statement.

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