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I was paid well in Nigeria to attend parties, it was sometimes higher than the money I took after acting in Ghana – Yvonne Nelson reveals

Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has revealed how well she was paid for just attending parties in Nigeria.

She claimed in her memoir ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ that a lot of money was paid to her to attend parties in Nigeria.

Yvonne stated that the amount was sometimes higher than what she earns from acting in Ghana movies.

The famous Ghanaian actress said these people were paying celebrities to attend their parties to show class.

“There were people who held parties and were prepared to pay you to attend just to enhance their status or show their class, the array of celebrities that attended someone’s party showed who they were and being present at someone’s birthday or some other celebratory event sometimes paid me more than acting in a movie in Ghana,” she disclosed in the ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ memoir.

Yvonne Nelson further revealed the difficulty associated with her work and pressure from friends.

“What made life difficult was the pressure from my circle of friends, some of whom wanted to hang out with me at times I was too tired to party. I often worked deep into the night, and when I was burned out, some friends would want to hang out with me at nightclubs. Some of them would still be sleeping the following morning when I had to wash down and start shooting,” she narrated.

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