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E.L struggles to mention what inspires the writing of his songs in a recent interview


Ghanaian artiste, Elorm Adablah, popularly known as E.L, has stated that he does not know what inspires his songs.

When asked about what inspires him to write his songs, he was truthful.

The ‘Kaalu’ hitmaker candidly said he does not know.

He quickly opened up about the vibe which aids him when recording a song.

“Me self I don’t know what inspires me to write songs when I put a pen on paper, I swear I don’t know and up till now I don’t know but it’s a vibe.

“The last time I was in the studio and I was tired but I had to do some recordings and I wanted to pause so I can relax but as I got the first line of the song I don’t know the rest will follow. Writing a song is natural to me so if I get the vibe with the beat I don’t know how the rest will follow but maybe I get a guardian angel who helps me to write songs but I can’t explain it,” the Ghanaian artiste told Amansan Krakye on Property FM.

“What I see is that all is by God’s grace and I have been doing this personally for over 10 years so it’s a second language to me,” E.L further stated.

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