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It was child’s play, we did not beef – Eno Barony speaks about her supposed beef with Medikal

Medikal and Eno Barony

Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony claims what happened between her and Medikal some years ago was not a beef.

Eno and Medikal engaged in what one would term beef in 2020.

She dropped a song titled ‘Force Dem To Paly Nonsense’, which was targeted at the AMG Beyond Kontrol rapper.

Along the line, Medikal divulged he used that supposed beef to hype Eno.

In her recent interview with Berla Mundi on TV3, the talented female rapper described what happened as an exchange of lyrics and not a beef.

“I have not had a beef with Medikal; I have actually not had a beef with anybody in the industry yet. That was just playing playing. It was just some lyrical thing. I mean it’s just a lyrical something; back and forth. I haven’t beef yet, what you saw is normal,” she said.

“When I was doing that thing, I was like brand ambassadors to some brands and stuff so there were certain things I couldn’t even say. That is why I said it’s normal. With Medikal, I didn’t say anything at all,” Eno Barony further stated.

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