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Kofi Kinaata reveals how he made his class four teacher cry several times

Kofi Kinaata

Popular Ghanaian artiste, Kofi Kinaata, has revealed how he made his class four teacher cry.

He disclosed in a post that his four teacher used to cry several times because he was troublesome and truant.

The ‘Adam and Eve’ composer opened up about this through a comment on a post-Lydia Forson made about teachers.

After recalling her encounter with teachers, the actress asked her followers to share memories of their teachers or lectures.

Lydia admitted that there are bad nuts in the teaching profession but the good outdid the bad.

Commenting on the post, Kofi Kinaata wrote:

“I remember my class 4 teacher used to cry several times because I was very troublesome and truant. One day she took me out to see a nice building in the neighborhood and ask me if I would like to build a nice house like this.

“I answered “yes” and she told me the owner of the house was very obedient, paid attention in class, never worried his teacher, never fought in class and was very smart. Then she showed me a dirty house of one notorious person in our neighborhood and asked which of the two houses I would love to build in future.

“I still answered the first one and she said the person who lives inside never paid attention in class and was behaving like me when he was my age so if I want to be a bigger person in future, I should take everything she teaches me serious. Her advice changed my perspective on a lot of things.”

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