A section of men cry like babies during s3x while some women bite – S3x Coach discloses

Popular Ghanaian s3x and relationship expert, Dzifa Sweetness has revealed what happens at the various bedrooms during s3xual encounters.

Speaking in a discussion monitored by Newshuntermag.com on eTV Ghana, the s3x coach opened up on how some men and women behave during s3x.

According to her, some men cry like babies when they reach org*sm.

On the women’s part, Dzifa Sweetness divulged some of them bite their partners.

She advised the partners of these women not to tag them as witches.

Dzifa Sweetness, who was interacting with the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s ‘In Love With Adwen’ program, stressed how sweet s3x coupled with org*sm is.

Watch a video of her statement below.

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