Do-or-die is an English idiom, you won’t understand if are a school dropout – John Mahama to critics

John Mahama

Former Ghanaian President, John Dramani Mahama has hit back at his critics.

During his Thank You Tour, he said on Techiman-based radio station, Akina FM that the 2024 general elections will be a do-or-die affair at the polling station.

He said this is due to the lessons they learned from the 2021 elections.

“We have learnt our lessons from happenings during the 2020 polls.

“The 2024 elections will be won or lost at the polling station. It will be do-or-die at the polling stations. The right thing must be done during the polls. We will win the elections at the polling station and won’t wait for collation centre results nor petition the Supreme Court if aggrieved,” the National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader said.

His comment has received a lot of condemnation.

He defended it in an interview on Moonlite FM in Sunyani that has chanced upon.

“Those who don’t understand English should stop the school interpretation.”

“There was fraud in [the 2020] elections. . .that is why I said we learned a lesson from it.”

“So the next elections…we won’t wait and go to the Supreme Court,” Ex-President John Mahama stressed.

He further stated: “We will do it at the polling station and collation centre and I say it will be a do or die.”

Justifying his do-or-die comment, he posited: “In English, we have idiomatic expressions. Those who dropped out of school do not understand idiomatic expressions. Do or die means a critical assignment you have and you must do the needful or perish. And so you must do the needful…I meant NDC must not wait to go to the Supreme Court again. What we must do at the polling station and collation center must be done!”

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