Mr Beautiful questions why Famous added John Dumelo to the ‘Galamsey’ movie poster despite he being an NDC member like himself

Ghanaian actor, Clement Bonney aka Mr Beautiful is still demanding answers about why Famous omitted his image from a movie poster.

Mr Beautiful was furious when he realized his image was not added to the poster of the ‘Galamsey’ movie.

He angrily questioned the producer, Benjamin Sarpong of Famous Multimedia during the premiere of the movie.

Famous finally revealed why he did that in an interview.

He claimed his action was due to the actor’s political affiliation with the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Reacting to this in an interview that has come across, Mr Beautiful said the producer hates him.

He asked why John Dumelo who is also an NDC member was on the poster—and not him.

“Famous went for an interview and said that I’m a member of NDC so if he used my image on the poster, members of the NPP might not watch the movie.

“And Famous was asked in the interview that John Dumelo is also a member of the NDC and if he had won his elections he would’ve been an NDC MP.

“So why is his image on the poster and Mr Beautiful’s picture isn’t on the poster and he went stagnant so he couldn’t talk meaning that it was pure hatred,” he said in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM.

Mr Beautiful stated that Famous will lose money for the decision he took because there more NDC members than NPP.

“But who told Director Famous that NPP members are more than NDC members in Ghana because if we divide Ghana into 3 NDC members are 2 and NPP will be 1.

“So he is even reducing the money that he will get from the movie because NDC members really love me and if they see me on the poster all the cinemas will be full up.”

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