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Keche Andrew reveals why a lot of music groups collapse in Ghana

A member of the Keche music group, Andrew, has made an interesting remark about why a lot of music groups collapse.

Ghanaians have witnessed the collapse of a number of music groups over the years.

Members of these defunct groups hardly reveal what lead to their separation.

Their decisions to embark on solo projects do not work for them as well.

Talking about what contributes to the collapse of some of these groups, Keche Andrew mentioned women, money and misunderstanding.

“Look at Ghana accepting Keche, I mean Africa, worldwide, the communities and over the years, you will wake up and because of little money or woman or misunderstanding we say we’re leaving this company. We suffer to sell our music to the people.

“We’ve experienced it, everything. These three major things are what we heard caused the collapse of music groups but we (Keche) have overcome all these things. Look, maturity,” he stated.

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