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5Five music group break up: member reveals what happened

Papi, a member of the 5Five music group, has revealed what led to the break up of the group.

After churning out multiple hit songs, the group collapsed some years ago.

Luther Azamati (Papi) and Killy (Jeffery Opoku Agyekum) formed the group.

Papi opened up about the cause of their break up in a recent interview with Mona Gucci on Onua TV.

According to him, the 5Five group couldn’t survive after Bullhaus Entertainment withdrew support for them.

“We were with Bullhaus. If you have management, they always push you on your toes to do something. But in 2012, our contract with Bullhaus entertainment expired. So we started doing our own thing and then realised it was difficult. Before, we thought we could do it ourselves because we thought it was easy,” he disclosed.

“You might think you reach. There are people behind you pulling the strings. Maybe even for this interview, Bullgod would have been the one to arrange this meeting. So these are the petty, petty things they do behind the stages,” Papi added.

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