Ayisha Modi reveals how she plans beef with musicians and get paid (Watch Video)

Ayisha Modi confesses about planned beef with Ghanaian musicians

Ayisha Modi has revealed how she plans to beef with musicians and gets paid.

She made this deep confession about her arranged beef with some musicians in Ghana.

The Ghanaian music enthusiast claimed in her interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM, monitored by Ghananewspost.com that she has meetings with these musicians and plans the beef.

According to her, she gets paid for planning the beef.

Explaining why they do that, Ayisha Modi said negative sells faster in Ghana—so they plan the beef to get attention from people online.

When some of the fans of the musicians insult her amid the planned beef, the vocal Ghanaian socialite stated that she sits and laughs out loud.

She opened up about how her beef with Nana Akua Addo was planned.

Ayisha Modi advised people who do not understand showbiz not to get involved.

Watch her confession in the video below.

Post source : Ghananewspost.com

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