Ghanaian radio presenter urges Christian Council to call Nana Agradaa to order

Nana Agradaa

Nana Romeo, a Ghanaian radio presenter has urged the Christian Council to call Nana Agradaa to order.

Romeo, who plies his trade with Accra FM, registered his displeasure in a video.

He was unhappy about how Agradaa has been allowed to tarnish the image of God and Christianity.

The vocal media personality told the Christian Council of Ghana to be firm and discharge its duties.

“I am disappointed in you. This isn’t the first time. You have neglected your duties, and now people are trashing the image of Christianity.

“Because you have neglected your duties, now many people have given up on going to church because there is no wow factor in there anymore,” he stated.

Nana Romeo further stated: “You people have neglected your jobs; this time, people are tarnishing the image of God, and you guys are watching. You won’t come out, and you are all quiet. I am not the judge, but God isn’t happy about what you guys are doing.”

Nana Agradaa, a Ghanaian fetish priestess, who claimed to have repented, was arrested some months ago over allegations of scamming a section of her church members.

She was later granted bail following court appearances.

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