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Clinical psychologist reveals the need for Yvonne Nelson to seek psychological help

Yvonne Nelson

Dr Isaac Newman Arthur, a clinical psychologist, has revealed the need for Yvonne Nelson to seek psychological help.

He said the popular actress needs to heal more.

Dr Arthur who is the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Ghana Psychological Association, gave this advice following the launch of the famous actress’ ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ memoir.

The memoir got massive attention after wild revelations about her abortion for Sarkodie and other issues.

He stressed how necessary it is for Yvonne to seek professional and medical attention if she has not done so.

“From what I have read so far, particularly her relationship with her mother, Yvonne needs to heal more. I am not saying that she has any problem but from the book, if she hasn’t been able to heal properly, she needs to heal well otherwise she will pass on the pain to her kids.

“Besides, now that everything is out there, the bashing can worsen her own state so I’m sure probably, she has someone she talks to but whatever it is, she needs some kind of support from professionals she can trust to overcome the trauma to heal properly from whatever she is going through.

“Celebrities are also humans so anytime they find themselves in mental challenges, they should seek help. The fact that you are seeking help doesn’t mean you are weak, it only means that you are human,” Dr Arthur said in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

He urged celebrities to go for mental health evaluation and help because they are also humans.

“Celebrities are also humans and there are mental health risks among people like that because everybody and their own risks in terms of developing health problems. Also, these celebrities had their mental status before fame and the events that happened contribute to it.”

The clinical psychologist mentioned how parenting could affect Yvonne Nelson.

“Physically, they grow and mentally, they grow. Unfortunately, there are lots of parents who know how to make their children grow physically but they don’t know how to let them grow mentally because they don’t understand it.”

“A lot of parents fail because they didn’t get the training from their own parents. For instance, if parents insult them or say all kinds of derogatory things about them, it affects their mental growth and causes emotional pain and self-identity.”

“In our African environment, we do all these things or say all sort of things under the guise of discipline but end up damaging the mental well-being of children while growing up,” Dr Arthur said.

“Celebrities only exhibit talent. It has nothing to do with who they are so what we see is the talent but what we don’t see are childhood struggles. We always love the talent but we don’t love the person.”

“And that is why when something comes up, the same fans who hail them are the same ones who will insult them. So now, we are praising Yvonne Nelson because she seems like the victim and vilifying Sarkodie as the predator.

“But if we should go into Sarkodie’s life too, we will also understand why he did that. Perhaps, his upbringing affected him and has mental health problems, before he became a star,” Dr Isaac Newman Arthur further stated.

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