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Sista Afia opens up about her ex-partner fathering a child and marrying secretly when they were together

Sista Afia

Ghanaian singer, Francisca Gawugah, well-known as Sista Afia, has opened up on what changed her perspective on relationships.

During an interview with Emelia Brobbey, Afia recalled the toxic relationship she was in some time ago.

According to the singer, her ex-partner fathered a child without her notice.

She forgave him for that, but later, she discovered that her ex had married secretly.

Having been in pain, the Ghanaian singer said her perspective on relationships changed—and that became a learning point.

Sista Afia stated that she ignored the warning signs because she was blinded by love.

“At a point, I let go, and I became happy because sometimes when a partner harbours certain negative feelings, God reveals them to you early.

“So I felt relieved like blessed. It became a learning point for me for any future relationship. I tell any potential partner what I’ve gone through so they don’t repeat such actions,” the ‘Weather’ singer posited.

She added: “Having learned the hard way, I now understand that having fewer expectations can lead to fewer disappointments.”

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