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Polygamy is not a sin – Ghanaian actor, Mr Beautiful defends

Mr Beautiful

Ghanaian actor, Mr Beautiful, known in private life as Clement Bonney, has defended polygamy.

He explained why polygamy is not a sin in a recent interview with ZionFelix.

The comic actor asserted that it is not a sin for a man to marry more than one wife.

He said the Bible does not mention polygamy as sinful.

However, the Ghanaian actor averred the Biblical quote about polygamy was an opinion expressed by Paul.

Mr Beautiful argued that anyone who preaches against polygamy by using the Bible is a liar.

Having Muslim friends married to more women, the actor claimed they are living peaceful lives.

He added that women respect their husbands when they marry more wives because they see competition and behave well.

Using Ghana’s Chief Imam, Dr Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, as an example, Beautiful further stated that he will live long since his wives are giving him peace of mind.

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