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Ghana’s Tourism Industry will grow if you partner with filmmakers – Peter Sedufia tells the government

Peter Sedufia

Ghanaian filmmaker, Peter Sedufia, has told the government to partner with filmmakers in the country.

He was hopeful the government’s partnership with Ghanaian filmmakers would help boost Ghana’s tourism industry.

Peter, who is the CEO of OldFilm Productions, was concerned about the failure of subsequent governments to give massive attention to the tourism industry and ensure its growth.

“Truthfully, if we want to push Ghana’s tourism, then the film industry cannot be ignored. People will come to the country to see and experience what they watch in movies such as natural reserves and historical sites.

“Unfortunately, the sector is not supported to push such causes and only becomes relevant during political campaigns,” he said in a chat with Graphic Showbiz.

His statement was on the heels of American filmmaker Angela White, expressing her disappointment with the Government of Ghana (GoG), following the lack of support for her film projects in Ghana last year.

“I perfectly understand her disappointments, considering that she comes from a place with proper structures including sound government policies to aid their work, which is nonexistent here.

“And that is why I’ve always been blunt about my answers to questions on why I don’t do a production about Ghana. Why should I and why should that even be my foremost interest as a filmmaker and businessman?

“For me, what the audience likes is what I will give them and also give me money. If the GoG wants the story of Ghana to be told, then they should partner and fund such national projects,” Peter Sedufia further stated.

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