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Kaywa reveals how some young people in the industry influenced Lasmid to leave his record label

Kaywa and Lasmid

The owner of Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa, has opened up about the circumstances leading to the exit of Lasmid.

He confirmed recently that the ‘Friday Night’ composer had left his record label.

The popular Ghanaian sound engineer revealed in an interview on Joy Prime that there was no official contract between them.

He explained that the young artiste was assigned to him by the organizers of the MTN Hitmaker competition as part of his prize package after winning Season 8 of the music contest in 2019.

“MTN gave Lasmid to me for one year for GHS 40,000 to produce two songs, two videos, to promote two songs two videos. Outrageous. I put in all,” the Highly Spiritual Music CEO divulged.

He detailed that this investment covered the production of two songs, two music videos, and also promotion.

Despite his willingness to stay after the assigned period ended, Kaywa revealed some young people in the Ghanaian Music Industry influenced the young chap.

“He wanted to stay and I also wanted him to stay but the young chaps in the industry felt my focus was on him even though he was no more part of the label. So I personally called him with some people. Let’s agree. Let’s push you to where at least we have a hit song then the conversation will be different so when we are signing you to the label proper then nobody will have a problem,” he stated.

According to him, it took more years for them to see success after Lasmid’s fourth song, ‘Friday Night’ became popular.

Sadly, Kaywa also revealed Lasmid wanted to leave after his ‘Running’ song became a hit.

“If I begin to talk about what the investment is, you would know that we really went deep. Had a conversation with him and then we had to move to our next level. Then suddenly the conversation we had was sealed, was not written, but it was sealed with understanding both of us with evidence. Suddenly the narrative changes because now he’s become big and he’s been influenced by seeing people in our circle.

“He took his time to study the contract and he even picked out a few things and I told his manager that he should do whatever he wanted to be done for him because I had Lasmid at heart,” he further stated.

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